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REACTION - Hard rain in the city (regular) 7"

 Hard rain in the city (regular)

 Time for Action / D

Artikel-Nr.: 24691

 7" Preis: 7.20 €  
incl. MwSt: 1.15 €
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 Informationen zum Artikel:
REGULAR EDITION! WHITE SLEEVE/BLACK VINYL! Welcome! Featuring Sasha from THE RIOTS, who had triggered a little storm with their mix of 79 Mod revival style and the Clash sounds. But sometimes, however, things turn out differently. Anyway! New band, backed by friends and contemporaries from Moscow's Mod & music scene, here we go with 2 new cutted Singles. On this #1 Single they spread the story by underlining the influence of PowerPop's kissing cousin, the Mod movement, tickled with gritty and ramshackle New Wave tunes. Go for it! The fight-back from the streets of Moscow starts now!! New band from Moscow, consisting of four lads from the cities Mod & music scene. Members played by THE VICE, THE PRETTY GREEN, STONE COLD BOYS and of course Sasha from the WTC/ THE RIOTS. Sasha's first music cuts turned up in 2007 as the WHITE TRAINERS COMMUNITY with one full length album and a few singles and EP's. Soon they called it a day, but were seen again on stage early 2010. But from now on as THE RIOTS! Released again one album and a goodly amount of singles & EP's. Expanded the storm by touring Europe three times, but failed due to not issued visas by an UK tour in 2013 and another Europe tour in 2015. Both tours had to be cancelled. Currently THE RIOTS are in a sleeping process. Talking about contemporaries of the WTC/ THE RIOTS... LONG TALL SHORTY around 40 years ago could hit the mark!?

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