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Postage Prices 2016:

Flatrate (buy as many items you like) E.U. Parcels WITH insurance and WITH tracking, using DPD predict service:

Netherlands/Belgium/Luxemburg/Austria: 9,90 Euro
Denmark/Czechia: 11,50 Euro
France/Great Britain: 14,50 Euro
Italy/Poland/Slowakia/Slovenia/Hungaria: 17,50 Euro
Ireland/Portugal/Schweden/Spain: 20,90 Euro

Finnland/Greece/Serbia/Rumania/Estonia and other countries... shipping with DHL, please ask for costs.

Postage Costs for small orders, NO insurance, NO trackingnumber as an airmailletter:

Europe (E.U.)(Airmail)
up to 5 7"s or 3 CDs 4,70 Euros (500gr)
up to 10 7"s or 8 CDs or up to 2 LPs : 7,90 Euros (1000gr)
up to ca. 6 LPs or 2kg: 9,50 Euros (regular small package (but no insurance))
for more we have cheap and insured DPD rates

Non E.U. and Overseas (Airmail)
up to 5 7"s or 3 CDs 4,70 Euros (500gr)
up to 10 7"s or 8 CDs or up to 2 LPs : 7,90 Euros (1000gr)
up to ca. 6 LPs or 2kg: 17,90 Euros (regular small package (but no insurance))
for more we have to send it as a parcel...costs around 30,00 euros for 3 kilograms (differs for each country)

Soundflat Mailorder, not established since 1989!
Wow, almost 30 (!!!) years in business now, Soundflat Mailorder started to exist in the end of 1989, when Smarten Up Label Guru Frank Kuehl handed over some boxes of records and magazines and also a small but very nice list of customers!! Unique Records' headhoncho Henry Storch came up with the name, as all started in my little flat with barely space to work.

I started doing the mailorder besides my "normal" job, when I was studying engine fitter stuff! But soon I found out I had to decide, so I worked more and more for the mailorder alone.

I always had the idea to supply records of my own taste! This is quite narrow minded, which means all of the 50s till now, if it's NOT in the charts, has something to do with Fuzz, catchy Punkrock & Power Pop, Beat, Psych, Soul RnB & Popcorn. And since 1989 it always worked. Sometimes very good, sometimes not so good!!!

With the help of my very best friend Ritchie of Screaming Apple, who supplied me with his amazing releases the mailorder grew up. The old typewriter had to be replaced with a computer (wow..I NEVER wanted these things) and the big photocopied catalogues were replaced by nicer printed ones!!

A first move into a bigger flat, still of course in Solingen gave me more space to work and I think around that time the big invention was: THEE INTERNET!!! No faxes anymore, but emails. A HOMEPAGE!!! was miles long and only the richest people in the world could afford computers and a modem!!! But with great help of old customers and friends I even took this adventure by ease!!

At this time one of my biggest customers, Marco Traxel, moved into cologne, near by and decided to help out a bit in my office. The beginning of a long and nice partnership. It was his idea to start a label as well...and I felt like a mogul!! Only thing, which I found out after some releases: Labelwork wasn't my thing. So after a while Traxel decided to run the label by himself and me to do the mailorder only.

At that time I moved the office out of my flat. And, no, I never changed the name (wise man I am)! I had the chance to share working space with Ox Magazine kids in Haan and for some years I had to drive to work!!! I don't like to drive by car!!!

I think these days were some of the best when it comes to sellings and the Soundflat Mailorder family grew up! I even had the chance to give Ritchie a full-time job, which was so good!!!

But another move had to be done: Next place was Solingen Ohligs! As the ox guys also moved there I had to find something for the mailorder. And it was a nice office. With a garden and, yes, my own appartment right above!!!

Record selling business wans't that successful anymore, so after a very long and very happy time I couldn't afford to give Ritchie a fulltime job anymore, but he continued to work here as a part time worker doing the book keepings! Something I NEVER wanted to do, haha!!!

In 2015 another move had to be managed! The biggest one so far and for me the best, as I moved together with my super wife Annka!! Okay, I never dreamt about living in Moenchengladbach, but, c'mon, there's worse places! Plus I have now a nice little office in our appartment again and hope I will continue like this until I'm too old for this life!!!

So, you see, almost 30 years of fighting against big chains, ignoring the latest trends and cartons everwhere I'm still there! Hope to give you good support to find your records needs and hope to have a smile in my face everyday I'm here in my office!!! Thanks to all of you who went this way with me (yes, there are several kids that still buy from me) or that just joined in! Without YOU I would be a mechanical engineer today! More money...maybe..but not such a great life full of tasty music!!!
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