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HIGHER STATE - You might find out/Come winter rain 7

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UPCOMING!!! The Higher State 'You Might Find Out' and 'Come Winter Rain' are the newest sides from renegade English 'teen-beat' combo the Higher State.

Once again the group combines to great effect those primary qualities of which they are amongst the world's finest purveyors of - namely wild as hell fuzz-imbued garage punk that is, as ever, presented with suitable vim and crypto-accord, yet they do so with a certain detachment, plus a jagged, frantic flow as the group pulse and plunder all aspects of their cause.

Then, with fervent 12-string notation and a more wistful, faraway look that they have also been known to display, on the flipside they turn their gaze toward proto-psychedelic hues and those folk-rock seekers who would aim for the moon and - who knows - like the Higher State in present day 2020 - at least tried to soar as high, if not way above and beyond such gravity-pulling realms.

Lenny Helsing October 2020

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