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PAUL MESSIS - Win or lose/please don´t tell me 7

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These are the first solo recordings done by Paul Messis since his 2018 long-player 'Songs Of Our Times'. Both these tracks were recorded by Paul in his livingroom during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. The A-side is a psych-jangler very reminiscent of groups coming out of the Los Angeles and Bay area during late-'66 early '67, the song features Paul's usual social critique style interweaved with flourishes of reverb and jangle-heavy guitars, Prunes-esque tremolo and Farfisa organ. The B-side is a light affair; a sincere beat-pop ballad inspired by Nederbeat and Scandinavian groups such as The Mascots, Sages and The Motions. Each 45 comes housed in a Risograph fold-over sleeve and Market Square company sleeve and features an insert listing Paul's discography.