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V/A - Monster parade vol. 1: Jukeez & Toxenes 7

  • Artist: V/A
  • Label: Chaputa
  • Format: 7"
  • Artikelnummer: 28211
  • Release Date: 26.02.2021
  • Verfügbarkeit:

Preis: 8,90 €
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UPCOMING!!! THE JUKEEZ: What's wrong? Nothing, with this 3 cool cats, just enjoy this 2 'about life' songs. Listen, dance, stomp your feet, and you won't be SICK!
It's The Jukeez, garage'n'roll from Montreal, Qc - Canada! Velvet voice with savage beats, and FUZZ!

THE TOXENES are a 3 piece all female band,hailing from Minneapolis, MN - USA.
Relive some of the trio's more bizarre tour moments, highlighted in their latest tracks: Mont blanc Maniac and Thunderbitch! Get lost in the radical hypno-high that is The Toxenes WILD SURF TRASH!!

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