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OUTTA PLACE - Prehistoric recordings LP

  • Artist: OUTTA PLACE
  • Label: Area Pirata
  • Format: LP
  • Artikelnummer: 28123
  • Release Date: 22.02.2021
  • Verfügbarkeit:

Preis: 16,90 €
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In New York at the beginning of the eighties, CBGB's times, to be clear, there were five boys, never satisfied, with a fuzz in place of the heart and so much Beat aptitude, Jordan (guitar), Andrea (drums), Chandler (voice), Shari (organ) and Orin (bass) : The Outta Place!!! They became at once a big shot, along with the Fuzztones, in the arising garage revival scene. What you could hold in your hands is the recording of their 1983 demo tape, strictly mono, from which their first EP was drawn, released by Midnight in 1984. That was one of the very first Garage Punk records and in that record, you can hear the band's absolute devotion to the most wild, impetuous, uncontrolled rock'n'roll sound! The four live tracks from their 1984 show at The Dive stand as proof of their wildness and to enhance the whole thing you get the wonderful cover by Bastian Troger, Lenny Helsing's liner notes and a digital coupon attached.

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