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SHUTDOWN 66 - I wish it could be Shutdown 66 (again) LP

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At first there were only whispers, then the whispers became rumours, and finally the rumours became the stuff of myths, legends, and dreams. Could there really be a whole unreleased album, recorded by the original line up of Australia's garage punk gods SHUTDOWN 66?

Sometimes dreams really do come true:
Melbourne's legendary neo-garagepunkers SHUTDOWN 66 are back for more! Featuring members of THE BREADMAKERS, HEKAWIS, THE PURITANS and DRIVEWAY SERVICE these boys have created their own unique and mindblowing sound, strongly influenced by 60's garagepunk and British R&B, that has a worldwide fanbase. Between 1998 and 2004 they released four smashing albums and several singles and split-singles.

Now the lost master tapes have been unearthed and SOUNDFLAT RECORDS can now bring you the sound of a band performing at the absolute peak of their powers. On this album SHUTDOWN 66 reached their zenith. They tackled all manner of styles in these 12 original compositions. There are screaming garage stompers, wild R'n'B ravers, fuzzed out rockers, and even a couple of the tragic teen twangers (from which the band took their name).

SHUTDOWN 66 wear their influences loudly and proudly on their snotty sleeves. Think of The Pretty Things, The Shadows of Knight, The Belfast Gypsies and The Missing Links. They even write songs about their friends in bands including Mike Stax of Ugly Things fanzine and Telltale Hearts fame, and Freddy from Fortune and Maltese.

Thank the vinyl gods that these great sounds were not left to gather dust. They have been saved and lovingly restored by master audiologist Mikey Young (Eddie Current Suppression Ring) and now, almost unbelievably it really can be Shutdown 66 again!

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