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WYLDE TRYFLES - Fuzzed and confused LP

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The WYLDE TRYFLES sound wild and out of control, playing their modern take on ultra-fuzzed 60s garage-punk, full of snotty garage vocals, screams, back from the grave vibes and hypnotic dangerous beat!

The sound of their new LP 'Fuzzed And Confused' is a continuous wave of influences from 60s and 80s garage punk area, such as The SHADOWS OF KNIGHT, COUNT FIVE, The CYNICS, The TELL-TALE HEARTS, The PANDORAS and, of course, The SONICS! Just the way you like your daily dose of fuzz! If it's the smashing garagepunker 'Gonna Miss Me', the dark yet wild and surfy 'Creepy Thing', their fuzzed-up version of 60s-garagepunker 'My Confusion' by THE ELITE or sexy-wild cover of MUDDY WATERS-classic 'I Just Wanna Make Love To You' - THE WYLDE TRYFLES combine a punky fuzzguitar, crazy organ, a lot of energy and wylde reverberating female vocals by powerful frontwoman Lubna Bangs.

They are wild and groovy, their beat gives an immediate need to dance all night long!

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