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ROCK JUICE - Drink all night LP

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ROCK JUICE, formed in 2003, are are the ultimate j
apanese power-poppin' rock'n'roll all-star combo, incl. Tomoko (Supersnazz, Tweezers), Na (Rockbottom, Treeberrys, More Fun), Kame (Machinicalis), Mick-O (Machinicalis, Noble Surfers,Royal Fingers) and this is their long awaited debut-album, "Drink All Night"!

Borne by loud rockin' guitars and ultra catchy tunes, they surf through the two most essential decades of rock'n'roll music, the swingin' sixties and the glamorous seventies to create the very own stellar mix of music from radio's glory days.

From power-pop to punk-rock, from rock'n'roll to jangly 60's pop, from glam-rock to pub-rock, it's all in there and the result is just... AMAZING!!!

So if you like your rock'n'roll with a strong dose of power-pop and you love bands like the FLAMIN' GROOVIES, DWIGHT TWILLEY, CHEAP TRICK, SUZY QUATTRO, MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, NRBQ, the YUM YUMS and th BABY SHAKES get this slap of vinyl straight away.

It will make your ears pop and your blood pressure drop and that will surely satisfy your most desirable r'n'roll urges !

Please please girl
Lucky girl
Fovorite song
Three persons
Don't cry ,no tears
Ridin' in my car

Get down
Lights on
Stop waiting for rock'n roll
Dead flowers
Back in the U.S.A.