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KEITH KESSLER - Don't crowd me 7

  • Label: Mapache
  • Format: 7"
  • Artikelnummer: 28207
  • Release Date: 26.02.2021
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Preis: 13,90 €
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UPCOMING!!! Keith Kessler's 'Don't Crowd Me' is an anthem to garage-punk fans, with a sound to match the intensity of the lyrics. Keith Kessler recorded 'Don't Crowd Me' at Kearney Barton's Audio Recording Studio in Seattle in 1966, using musicians from Keith's group, the Impulses.

'Don't Crowd Me' wouldn't be released for two years, and it was only with some luck that it was issued at all. During the summer of 1968, Mike Wing, a Bellevue musician and aspiring record producer, liked one of Keith's original songs 'Sunshine Morning' enough to set up a publishing company and finance the recording, pressing and promotion of the record. Keith's 1966 recording 'Don't Crowd Me' filled in for the b-side. 'Sunshine Morning' didn't hit, but 'Don't Crowd Me' deserves to be ranked among the top examples of the tough Pacific Northwest sound.

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