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V/A - Beach-o-Rama Vol.3 LP+CD

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For over three years now, El Vidocq's mischievous compilations have lent rhythm to the passing seasons. Summer's not yet upon us, but the indefatigable human jukebox has already prepared your audio sun lotion. Our star pupil has conjugated 'sun' and 'fun', scoring stellar marks in all styles with his latest list of songs. Once again, the album is deliciously elegant, thanks to the graphic stylings of Alexandre Clerisse, in charge of this third series. The chosen tunes pinball between R'n'B, surf, twist, rockabilly, jazz, pop, doo wop and of course good ole rock'n'roll. This album is one long reef break, with wave after wave of musical freshness - the perfect sound track to accompany your endless summer.

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