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V/A - Greg Belson's divine funk LP

  • Artist: V/A
  • Label: Cultures Of Soul
  • Format: LP
  • Artikelnummer: 28233
  • Release Date: 19.03.2021
  • Verfügbarkeit:

Preis: 29,90 €
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UPCOMING!!! Following on from the success of Greg Belsons Divine Disco series Greg Belson and Cultures of Soul team up again to explore the world of Gospel Funk. Belson is one of the world's leading collectors and DJs of gospel music. You hold in your hands a collection of some of the rarest Gospel funk records from Belsons amazing collection featuring everything from the laid back breakbeat laced I Dont Want to Be Alone" by Allen Gauff Jr to the high octane and socially-on-point take of the Gospel classic This Little Light Of Mine by the Gospel Ambassadors to drum break funk of the Wearyland Singers If You See Me Doing Wrong to the sublime soulfulness of Zella Jacksons Days Are Just Like People." Without a doubt though, all of the artists included in this compilation, believed in themselves, the message, and the direction of the Gospel Funk intensity you hear within these grooves. Gettin on the Good Foot for God? Listen and decide for yourselves!

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