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FABULOUS HEYDAYS - Ladies & gentlemen... LP

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Finally, something wild and real has come back on the scene and they go by the name of THE FABULOUS HEYDAYS! They are an exciting 5-piece international band with members from Australia, the Netherlands and Greece, whose sole aim is to have a good old wild time. If you are bored with the current music scene and are looking for a new thrill, they are it. If you have a tiny bit of love in you for pure rock 'n roll/garage music, check these guys out. If you miss the anticipation of seeing a band that fills the air with energy and a sense of danger, go see them live.

Yes, THE FABULOUS HEYDAYS know how to unleash 3-chord brilliance through exciting riffs, soulful singing, killer beats, vintage organ sounds, and bad-ass basslines. If this is your cup of tea, have a listen to their debut album 'Ladies & Gentlemen..' which is out now on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed.

You can hear influences from the likes of the ROLLING STONES to the SONICS to OTIS all the way to DYLAN, from 50's to punk to blues to 60's garage. From wild hits like 'Sonic Landslide' and 'Cut From A Different Cloth' to the brilliant coverversion of the rock'n'roll-classic 'Hi-Heel Sneakers' - this album is full of electrifying big-beat performances injected with soulful, riveting, action-packed rock'n'roll-riffs to get addicted to.

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